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Collier Community Abstinence Program offers adolescents, ages 11 through 18, a game plan for life that promotes abstinence from sexual activity and the use of alcohol and other drugs as the healthiest lifestyle.


"C.C.A.P. isn't just telling kids what not to do – it's telling them why.  Education is the best tool that adolescents

can receive that will allow them to make responsible decisions affecting them for their lifetime."

   – Dr. Romero



"To  educate  a man in mind

          and not in  morals  is

      to educate a menace to society."

                                              -Theodore Roosevelt

Current Florida Statute mandates that schools teach CCAP's subject material!

  • What Teachers have to say about CCAP

    The programs' strength is that it is simple, it's ease of use, and that it is evidenced-based. - Training Participant


    The teacher training was professionally helpful! - Public Science Middle School Teacher


    The training was easy to follow and has a lot of tools to use with students. It also did not preach the information. - Private School Teacher

  • What Students have to say about WHY WAIT?

    WHY WAIT Teen Newsletter on Abstinence Article by Julie Laipply:


    I thought Julie was so informational and really got me thinking about things. The talk only reassured my decision to be abstinence. I mean, whew! I definitely don't want a disease on top of all my other problems. I absolutely love, love, loved this talk! I recommend that all teens hear this info. -10th Grade Public High School Student, Naples, Fl.


Collier Community Abstinence Program

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