Why to avoid talking too much on a first date

Awkward silences can quickly turn first dates sour. And while it’s fine to talk about yourself a little on a date, there are certain topics and personal details that you should avoid talking too much about.

For example, tales of wild partying and how much you earn should probably wait until you’ve gotten to know the other person better. Read on to learn why.

You’ll bore your date

One of the worst things you can do on a date is talk too much. This can be frustrating for your date, especially if they want to discuss important issues like work and money. It is also important to avoid topics that are too touchy or personal for a first date, such as discussing your family upbringing.

Another mistake people often make is talking about their exes. This can be very awkward for your date and it can lead to them feeling insecure or jealous. It is best to stick with light, fun topics on a first date.

Finally, you should never look at your phone while on a date. This is very rude and it shows that you think what’s on your phone is more important than them. This is a huge turn off for most people. It’s important to put your phone on silent and leave it in your pocket or at home.

You’ll make your date uncomfortable

It can be difficult for some people to control their desire to talk, especially women. But it’s important for both partners to maintain a healthy conversational balance during the date.

The key is to steer the conversation towards topics that reveal more about their personality and interests. For example, talking about pets and favorite music can be great conversation starters. Avoid topics that might make your date feel uncomfortable, like politics and religion.

Finally, it’s also important to pay attention to body language during a date. Crossing your arms, looking around the room and fidgeting can send a message that you’re bored or nervous.

In addition, you shouldn’t be rude to service staff. This can send a negative message and show that you’re entitled, irritable or obnoxious.

You’ll make yourself uncomfortable

There is an important reason why it’s best to avoid talking too much on a first date. This is because a quality conversation is one that maintains a consistent flow without awkward pauses. This is especially true for first dates.

Talking too much can also cause you to make yourself uncomfortable. For example, if you start telling endless stories about yourself and don’t really listen to what your date has to say, it can get very repetitive very quickly.

It’s also a good idea to avoid talking too much about your past relationships, as this can lead to unwarranted comparisons that could make your new date feel like they’re not quite measuring up. Additionally, it’s best to avoid discussing work-related topics, as this can be a turnoff for many people. Instead, focus on talking about interesting things that will keep your date engaged in the conversation. This will ensure that both of you are enjoying your time together.

If you’re constantly talking about yourself, your date may feel ignored. You’ll also make them uncomfortable if you’re critical of their interests or career choices. Avoid this by giving commendations, offering encouragement, and avoiding abrasive body language like hunching over or crossing your arms. Rather than putting your hands in your pockets, try power posing instead—stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your head high to look confident.

Avoid asking too many personal questions, especially about their love life or exes. It’s best to save these conversations for much later in the relationship.

Talking too much can also be a sign of insecurity or jealousy. It’s common to find faults in people you like, but it’s not healthy or fair to your date. Focus on the positives and enjoy their company. This will give you a better chance of a second date.